15 May 2024 ///


Woolworths’ campaign #STYLEBYSA’s latest seasonal drop continues as the series spotlights stylish aesthetes within South Africa’s creative scene. A decade ago, ‘Style By SA’ revolutionised local collaborations by tapping into the diverse talents across the nation. Have you ever wanted to know how your favourite style icons would interpret Woolies Fashion? This campaign series has you covered, as it invites creatives month to month to self-style their own edits through Woolworths’ most up-to-date collection releases.

Fashion is one thing, but the way we interpret it through our own personal lens makes all the difference. This month, #STYLEBYSA welcomes a master of this understanding: content creator and proud mom Yasmin Furmie, along with her daughter Afrah. Together, they share their personal take on this month’s fashion drop from the comfort of their home in Joburg, photographed on film by the artist and close family friend, Francesco Mbele AKA Franadilla. Guided by thoughtfulness and intentionality, Yasmin is your favourite’s favourite style icon, who lives by the code ‘disturbing the norm’. Captured in her quintessentially signature style – of layering and an emphasis on quality-made pieces – Yasmin shares that, “I love the #STYLEBYSA concept so much. Being able to think about the styling myself and shooting without being dictated to, is really refreshing. I love the coats in particular and of course, I love the layering.” Embodied by Yasmin and Afrah, Woolworth’s latest womenswear drop is a focus on classic silhouettes and timeless accessories. From the perfect coat to tailoring essentials, and cosy knit-sets; this winter is about bringing it back to the basics, in the most effortless way possible.

Yasmin’s story is the material that dreams are made of when guided by passion and authenticity; after a long career as a social worker, Yasmin started sharing her ‘outfit of the day’ on social media, almost instantly catapulting her to fashion icon status. On the thoughtfulness that informs her stylistic choices, Yasmin notes that “my stories and narratives are unchanging. I love the fact that I do advocate for people of a certain age, because we never get the visibility that we deserve, and of course – that women can do whatever they like!”

When a chance encounter with Bubblegum Club Magazine’s founder Jamal Nxedlana led to the development of her brand, SiSi, with her best friend Cynthia Allie; Yasmin’s love for fashion and perennial attitude for person style, resulting in a brand that serves as a love letter to the concept of the ‘perfect shirt’. SiSi uses a focused method to explore the multitude of ways shirt-tailoring can be adapted across silhouettes, shapes and styles. Known for her impeccable eye for design, Yasmin is a strong advocate for locality in design and creative expression; the more homegrown, the better. It’s been said that if a designer spots Yasmin wearing one of their pieces, it’s a sign for them of good things to come!

Since breaking out onto social media – Yasmin has become synonymous with the art of dressing. Consider this month a masterclass in achieving comfort and cosiness through quality pieces; as Yasmin’s sartorial expression is always balanced in that perfect place between function and form. 


Written by: Holly Beaton

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