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Woolworths is back with another round of #STYLEBYSA, the series that shines a spotlight on key figures shaping South Africa’s creative landscape. Rewind a decade, and ‘Style By SA’ shook up the collaboration game between brands and people, by harnessing fashion talent across the country. Now, this series has been revived into something entirely new, putting the art of the campaign as an autonomous flex of sartorial insight, through self-styled edits in which the Woolies’ cast of creatives put their own spin on the latest pieces of WW Fashion’s latest collections.

We’re in the heart of winter, and renowned fashion storyteller, consultant and stylist Amy Zama brings us a lesson in going beyond surface-level aesthetics, into a highly conceptualised campaign, punctuated by crimson hues and her signature, chrome accessories. Shot by photographer her collaborator and friend, Aart Verrips, this #STYLEBYSA is a portrayal of Amy’s work as rooted in a deep understanding for the nuances of perceptive design and storytelling – as Amy notes on what inspired her to pursue her career pathway, “being able to open up a world and let people see beautiful things using clothes, being able to tell stories, it’s my love – and something I was forever surrounded by.”

Photography by Aart Verrips

Amy’s work cuts across many aspects of South Africa’s creative landscape. Having built up the style curatorship for Levi’s Haus of Strauss for Africa, Amy is a longtime collaborator of Thebe Magugu, and is currently a contributing editor for the label’s annual yearbook, Faculty Press. Amy is also a co-founder and creative director of cult-brand Backyard, a collective/brand hybrid founded with Shadin Kara – in and amongst Amy’s extensive list of clientele, campaigns and ultimately, her resonant creative vision. Amy’s sharp attention to detail is unyielding, and her work reflects an innate ability to stay attuned to cultural shifts that continues to ascend beyond said surface-level aesthetics. Stylists are invariably the singular most important asset to the realisation of any visual story; and nothing escapes Amy’s foresight and scrutiny. When you’re witnessing Amy’s work, you’re witnessing a conceptual masterpiece. 

Whether it’s Woolworths’ latest cropped trench or cosy, cable-knits for the season – Amy’s edit is also a love-letter to her relationship with accessories. When asked what she never leaves the house with, Amy shares that its “earrings, rings and sunglasses” – beyond the scope of basic ‘bag essentials’, Amy is that fashion icon, and it’s evident why; these finishing touches transform her signature style. In a world mired and steeped in copy+paste antics when it comes to style and trends, Amy’s #STYLEBYSA shares just how critical it is to engage one’s own individuality when dressing any piece, or emphasising any detail. 

Photography by Aart Verrips

Through Amy’s lens, fashion reflects its true status, as a medium for self-expression and cultural commentary. Amy’s work resonates deeply, because it speaks to what we wear, why we wear it, and the stories we carry with us as we navigate this world. What a choice for #STYLEBYSA – we’re in awe.


Written by: Holly Beaton

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