17 May 2024 ///

Cape Town based musician Fu Dog releases his latest EP ‘Heksie Rhythm’

Cape Town based musician Reinie Swart aka Fu Dog is blending jazz, house, acid, electronica and techno, bringing us his latest EP “Heksie Rhythm”.

The EP is an ode to the unordinary, bouncing between dreamy distortions, vibey electronica and ambient dance music. First on the EP, AllFearNoLies is a deep dive into the sonic subconscious of its creator, and an emotional, drum-less entry to an EP later boasting more upbeat compositions. Next in line, Heksie Rhythm is a glimpse into a live jam session with friends, sampled into a bass-heavy, colourful electronic anthem. Third on the list, Fuck [2] Perfection features a floating, moody arpeggiation, carried by organic drums and a very playful arrangement. Last up, What You Think is the only dance track on the EP, ending things off with a spacious, driving, subdued thumper.”

Listen to ‘Heksie Rhythm” here

Press release courtesy of City Bowl Wax

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