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Cape Town’s iconic ‘Death of Glitter’ party is back

After several years of iconic club nights, The Death Of Glitter (D.O.G) is evolving their dancefloor into something bigger and juicier than before. Since 2017, the Cape Town collective has been creating queer utopias that push the boundaries of South African nightlife. Called everything from “infamously fabulous,” by Texx In The City to “a disgrace,” by The Cape Town Catholic Society, D.O.G has become a fundamental part of Cape Town’s LGBTQIA+ culture and community. Each event seeks to imagine the potentiality of queer utopia through creative collaboration. It’s a meeting place for local creatives and an oasis for the city’s weirdos. 

D.O.G returns from its year-long hiatus on May 31st at The Factory, Paarden Eiland, taking the leap from club night to large-scale music happening. Founder and creative director Tazmé Pillay said, “This marks our first step toward the ultimate goal of D.O.G as a syndicate of urban-based queer arts happenings.” To bring D.O.G into its next phase, the collective is excited to welcome avant-pop artist Desire Marea, who will perform a special live set at the event alongside DJ and producer, sunsunsun. Philippus Johan, music director, said, “Desire felt like the right choice for this event. They embody D.O.G’s pillars, not only through their artistry, but spiritually. They’ve gone out of their way to make this work – we couldn’t be more appreciative.” Also on the lineup is Cape Town’s rising underground superstar Tactix, and D.O.G residents Phijos and DRAGMOTHER.

Photograph of Desire Marea courtesy of Desire Marea

D.O.G photographed by Mich Mellow

PHIJOS and DRAGMOTHER photographed by Zander Opperman

While conceptualising this rebirth, Pillay honed in on the collective’s core principals: PARTY / ART / SEX. The cathedral-like space of The Factory will be transmuted into a temple for the club kids, an industrial playground as brutal as it is beautiful. This altar is built around ‘The Megalith.’ Visible from every vantage point of The Factory’s cathedral-like space, the six meter monolithic structure features video mapped visuals, and an LED lighting rig that plays with concealing and revealing the DJ – turning the energy of the dance floor away from a fixed point on the outside, and back toward the inside.

D.O.G’s impact goes beyond the dance floor, fostering meaningful social connections and sparking national conversations on acceptance and inclusion. They acknowledge that some in the community need more affordable tickets to access D.O.G. they have made 50 Community Tickets available for those who cannot afford the price of a full ticket. Those who wish to purchase a discounted Community Ticket must sign up and answer a few short questions. Though all are welcome at D.O.G, we champion the visibility of historically marginalised identities. POC, queer, trans, non-binary and femme bodies call D.O.G home, and will be given preference.

D.O.G are committed to contributing to skills development and entrepreneurship within the creative sector. Through their events and collaborations, they provide emerging artists and creatives with opportunities for professional growth, networking, and business development. Those who want to participate can sign up for their volunteer programme. You can help them build this epic production, play with some lights, look after FASHION at coat check, or help keep the guests safe and happy. No prior experience needed. Volunteers will receive entry to D.O.G, as well as meals for their days of work. Positions considered on a rolling basis.

Cape Town based photographer Zander Opperman was tapped to photograph a campaign for the relaunch. Featuring twelve beloved club kids, the campaign honours the diversity, queerness, and fearlessness of D.O.G’s people, celebrating bold individuality and liberated creative expression. Featured family includes Anna, Bee, Brooklyn, Eli, Ina Propriette, Jes, Lwazi, Max, Max Hodge, Nate, Rae, Rahul, and residents DRAGMOTHER and Phijos.

D.O.G is proud to be an officially selected international collective for WHOLE United Queer Festival. DRAGMOTHER & Phijos will be representing D.O.G, and performing at the festival in Ferropolis, Germany on August 4th.

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Press release courtesy of Death of Glitter

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