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“Connecting Dots” – showcasing Mzansi fashion at Paris Fashion Week

It’s no secret that South Africa has always been home to a vibrant culture of fashion, music, and art. As the global appetite grows for what’s on offer, a group of community-led brands have set their eyes on Paris Fashion Week this June. “Connecting Dots” will aim to showcase South African fashion at the intersection of music and culture through a 3-day pop-up in the heart of the fashion capital.

With South African culture gaining prominence internationally, it’s vital to establish our presence within these communities and create our own spaces. ‘Connecting Dots’ serves as the pivotal link in connecting South Africa to the global stage.

From June 20-22, Connecting Dots will host a vibrant showcase of South African culture, intertwining music, style, and community spirit. Local brands Backyard, Grade Africa, Long Season and Valhalla. Will preview some of their latest ready-to-wear pieces in Bastille, the heart of the city. 

Fête De La Musique (also known as World Music Day, is an annual music celebration that takes place on 21 June. Connecting Dots will be curating an in-store event against the backdrop of a uniquely South African soundscape, featuring a surprise line up that will encapsulate the theme of “Mzansi to Paris”.

Backyard is a Johannesburg-based, sonic-led fashion brand and agency. Originally event-focused, the brand has expanded into Fashion, Events, Music, Production, and Art, housing entities like Backyard Clothing, TREBLE+, Rumar, and A Live Experience by Backyard. Their mantra, “Make Noise, Not Friends,” drives them to explore diverse themes through art, photography, fashion, and more. Comprising of six young, culturally diverse creatives known as the “Noise Makers,” they’re committed to pushing creative boundaries. “I think its important that we tell our own stories in real time. And only through community could these stories be shared,” Shadin Kara, founder.

Grade Africa is a streetwear brand in South Africa with a mission to inspire individuals to elevate themselves and their communities. Their name pays homage to the foundational first grade, where important fundamentals serve as a springboard for future growth and success. Grade Africa’s unique style blends African heritage and contemporary fashion to create a bold and modern aesthetic that reflects the vibrant spirit of South Africa. “Returning to Paris to host a pop-up with my homies is a testament to the power of unity and collaboration. Together, we bridge cities and cultures, proving that when we move together, we create connections that transcend boundaries” Zaid Osman, founder.

Valhalla is a conceptual brand based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Established as a clothing label, it bridges the realms of high-end and street wear to produce ready-to-wear garments. The word Valhalla is derived from Norse mythology and stands for “Hall of the Fallen”, which is believed to be the Heaven for the greatest warriors. The meaning behind the name of the brand is purposeful to the founder, as it resonates with the ideal of the brand – which is to make high quality garments and great product that can withstand the test of time. “The greatest change comes from disruption,” Helder Tamimo, founder.

Long Season is a South African brand dedicated to storytelling and archiving through fashion. Offering ready-to-wear high streetwear, the brand leans on simple shapes and carefully considered proportions to create multi-functional, transformable pieces. There is an emphasis on the feel and function of their pieces, aiming to have them be a valuable addition for the expression of the wearer. Long Season believes their approach to minimal but impactful design encapsulates the stories they are passionate about and celebrates retrospective wearable inventions. “Paris to see the fashion. Paris to be the fashion,” Kgomotso Kholoane, founder.

Press Release courtesy of Connecting Dots


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