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Echoes of Transformation in ‘THE FALL BEFORE THE CLIMB: an ODE to AFROGRUNGE’

In the bustling nexus of creativity that is Connect Everything Collective, we often receive submissions that spark curiosity, ignite inspiration, and challenge conventional boundaries.

Today, we find ourselves captivated by Luxolo’s submission, titled “THE FALL BEFORE THE CLIMB: an ODE to AFROGRUNGE.”

Penned by Tando ‘Blue’ Skunana, this piece begins with the line, “I’m a crack in the skies before the Break of dawn,” evoking anticipation and transformation.

Luxolo’s submission delves into fleeting moments and collective strength, reflecting the spirit of Connect Everything Collective. Let’s journey into “THE FALL BEFORE THE CLIMB,” where words form an anthem, celebrating the boundless creativity of the human spirit.

“I’m a crack in the skies before the Break of dawn 
I am a dream captured in a fleeting moment, a solar eclipse. I am the first spec of dust and with time there’ll be a mountain of us. This is the fall before the climb.”

Editorial Credits: 
Creative direction + photography: Luxolo Witvoet 
Model: Loabilwe Morale 
Head tattoo cameo: Kutlwano Kadesh Masisi 
Stylist: Akash Dayal 
Art Direction: Koketso ‘Coco’ Maruping 
MUA: Loabilwe Morake 
Set Assist: Kutlwano Kadesh Masisi 
Text: Tando ‘Blue; Skunana 

Style Notes:
Loa wears Afrogrunge Re-Imagined Newness customized jackets. Jackets available www.afrogrunge.co.za 

Images photographed on location in Observatory, Cape Town. 
Filmed on KODAK Ultra Max 400.

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