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Woolworths have long understood the innate power among South Africa’s rich cast of creatives. When ‘Style By SA’ was launched a decade ago, this innovative approach reshaped our understanding of brand collaboration by harnessing the creativity and diverse perspectives of South Africans from all walks of life and across a variety of industries and disciplines. Now, #STYLEBYSA has launched as an evolution – rooted in the earliest foundation of its inception  – telling the tales of a new era, for a new frontier of collaboration. 

This autumn’s manifesto is grounded in the concept of time and memory – its fleetingness and preciousness, and the way these constructs enrich our lives, “the past, the future, the present, every second, every frame; every tiny, little detail matters.” For the latest edition of #STYLEBYSA, Woolworths welcomes a family at the very forefront of visioning the future into being in South Africa, and planetarily. Multi-disciplinary artists and entrepreneurs, Kay Kay Ribane and Millandrie Molotsi, are embodiments of the powerful intersection of fashion, creativity, art and family in a deeply moving and joyful self-realised campaign, with their gorgeous son, Kairo. For this iteration, every little detail truly comes together to immortalise a family for whom the term ‘cutting-edge’ is almost redundant when describing their impact and role across fashion, art, technology and business.

Few families are as culturally and artistically influential as the Ribane’s. Kay Kay Ribane is a co-founder of their family creative collective, Dear Ribane, while pioneering the first digitally-based fine art gallery in Africa, with Kay Kay’s platform USURPA. Together with his partner, artist Millandrie Molosti, they have developed possibly the coolest kids fashion brand to ever exist; Mungu. So – it’s suffice to say, this is a family for whom ideas, possibilities and dreams are abundant and manifest; now, and for the future. On creating their unique edition of #STYLEBYSA, Kay Kay shares that “the beauty of creating this story for Woolworths was connection – and how to bring that to life through nature, through structure and through family. The beauty was being in this refreshing and beautiful environment of connection, for our son.” 

For Millandrie, who describes herself as a ‘multi-dimensional creative mother’, she notes that “I strongly believe that everything that exists in this world, and that is made in this world, started off as an idea. As a creative, I am constantly generating ideas in my mind that I want to bring to life and share with the world.” and in the pursuit of idealism, Kay Kay offers a code by which their family lives, saying that “I’m definitely an idealist – I believe in a world in which infinite imagination can exist. Where we can think big, create big and have an endless sea of ideas that can really change the world.”

With Woolworth’s quality fabrications, thoughtfully curated and designed for cooler weather, the Ribane’s wear a variety of denims and knits – intentionally suited for stylistically expressive families. With warm jackets in a range of silhouettes, Kay Kay notes that “I am really excited for the neutral, earth-tone colours of this collection.” Capturing intimate moments between Kay Kay and Millandrie and their son Kairo, when asked what he loves most about his mommy and daddy, Kairo says  “I love my mommy’s eyes and when my daddy is happy and laughing.” When it comes to building a legacy rooted in truthfulness, love and creative abundance, the Ribane’s know that every, tiny, little detail matters. We stand in humble awe. 


Written by: Holly Beaton
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