17 May 2024 ///

Feiertag returns to Sonar Kollektiv with new single ‘Colorball’

Dutch producer Feiertag returns to Sonar Kollektiv with new single ‘Colorball’, a dancefloor weapon that’s been tried and tested at his gigs, now released for us all.

Joris Feiertag has something of a restless musical soul, and as such he’s always searching for new sounds and colours. Hailing from Utrecht in the Netherlands, he makes music that is a finely balanced blend of organic and synthesised elements, often using ingenious syncopated rhythms combined with instruments such as the harp and kalimba.

Following on from his recent third album, entitled ‘Roots’, which saw the boundary pushing producer fuse his love of a strong, uplifting vocal hook with obscure samples and darker, sonorous sounds, his new single ‘Colorball’ is something altogether more intricate. Murky synths and pads make way for indecipherable yet irresistible vocals that build together to a very satisfying climax.

Joris explains, “After releasing my third album, I had to re-think my musical direction. It wasn’t easy to follow up on that pretty intense process. I used my intuition and ‘Colorball’ is the result. I felt like I wanted to focus more on my live set and having ‘secret weapons’ that work on stage. My goal was to have a kind of simple sounding hypnotic groove where you can discover subtle elements along the way. I’ve tested it multiple times on stage now and I have to say that I’m happy with the response I got so far! I’m glad to share this one with you.”

Once again, Joris creates new challenges for himself by finding that special place where his music can flourish, this time focussing on how his music will translate in a club setting.

Listen to ‘Colorball’ here

Press release courtesy of Only Good Stuff

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