13 Oct 2023 ///

Jullian Gomes releases single ‘Let Me Go’ with producer Kuniyuki Takahashi & vocalist Sio

Introducing “Let Me Go,” the third single from Jullian Gomes’ highly anticipated 4th solo studio album, “Bruno & The Birds.” 

Delving deep into the human experience, this song grapples with the struggle of confronting one’s inner demons and finding the strength to heal and let go. With Sio’s heartfelt lyrics and emotive vocals, “Let Me Go” captures the raw vulnerability of this internal battle, resonating with listeners on a profound level. 

The hauntingly beautiful piano melodies of Kuniyuki Takahashi intertwined with Jullian Gomes’ evolved production, creates a sonic landscape that mirrors the emotional turbulence within. As the song unfolds, it takes you on a journey of self-discovery and growth, urging you to face your fears and embrace the liberation that comes with releasing the past.  “Let Me Go” is a reminder that sometimes the greatest strength lies in surrendering and freeing oneself from the chains that bind.

This is the final single before the release of Jullian’s upcoming album, which drops in November.

Stream ‘Let Me Go’ HERE 

Press release courtesy of Only Good Stuff

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