31 May 2024 ///

Luca Stef releases his latest EP ‘SWAMP THiNG’

Cape Town-based musician, Luca Stef releases his latest EP, ‘SWAMP THiNG’. This set of songs has recurring themes of budding relationships, melancholy and hopefulness, and day to day life in Cape Town, using archetypes and pop structures to deliver something personal. Lead single ‘Everyone In Cape Town Is So Sad’, deals with seeing your feelings reflected in the world around you, as well as exploring the familiar and vague energy that is so often present in the city. ‘Run For Cover’ is the most fun song on the EP, about romantic ambivalence and avoidant tendencies. ‘Wild Imagination’ was the first of the songs to be written, and mixes mundane personal details with the idea of love at first sight.

Primary influences include The Velvet Underground, Duran Duran, The Strokes, James Pants, Roxy Music, Ariel Pink.

Director and Creative Director: Jarred Figgins 
Styling: Liam Cowie
Edit: Julian Redpath
Colourist: Robyn Nesbitt 
Title Design: @studiobenjohnson
Mastered by: @rojojado

Luca Stef is a South African songwriter and recording artist. Born and raised in Durban, and now living in Cape Town, his music draws abundantly on the history of popular and alternative music and his own meandering journey exploring computer jazz, experimental electronica, and rap music. Falling somewhere between Guided by Voices, MGMT and Arthur Russell, his songs embrace their reference points, sprinkling humour into stories about big themes such as love, fear, and depression. He has released two EPs; 2019’s Night Terrors and 2022’s Angel Train. His latest five-song EP titled ‘Swamp Thing’ was released in May 2024. While working on music over the last 15 years, he has worked as a podcast writer, bookshop clerk, bartender, and physical therapist.


Listen to ‘Swamp Thing’ Here

Watch ‘Wild Imagination’ Here

Watch ‘Everyone In Cape Town Is So Sad’ Here

Watch ‘All I Could Think About Was You’ Here

Watch ‘Most Of The Time’ Here

Watch ‘Run For Cover’ Here

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