17 May 2024 ///

Martin Magner releases the first single “Weapon” on his latest Pop Music EP “Magnum Opus”

Martin Magner has released the first single (and accompanying music video) “Weapon” on his latest pop music EP “Magnum Opus”. Martin shares that “Weapon” is a stripped back ode to self. “It’s about knowing your worth and being unafraid to ask for what you want. Embracing your innermost desires and shedding the fear of expressing them out loud.”

The EP as a whole is an unapologetic, four-part sonic and visual exploration that expands his universe with the sole aim to make people feel something. Magner shares, “It’s aggressively self confident, disarming with the hint of plastic pop that makes me scream.” 

He shot a music video which captures him crash landing in New York City, which corresponds with the single release today.

“I’ve spent years experimenting with different sounds, all of which have reflected the different phases I’ve gone through navigating my ever changing and evolving identity. I feel like I’ve finally found the music that captures who I am. ‘MAGNUM OPUS’ is an aggressive turn away from my previous work, much like the sounds we’re hearing emerge from Charli XCX, Julia Fox, Snow Strippers, 100 Gecs, I’ve evolved into a sound that perfectly captures the sparkle and sadness I carry in my day to day. While I’m based in NYC, I’ve worked with my long standing producer MISSU in Cape Town as well as Moon Bounce and Tony Quattro in LA to craft a sound unique enough to get people to pay attention. On the EP, I’ve got my first feature with LA based rapper Push Push, most well known for her work with Tommy Lee and Pussy Riot. Our track ‘Nightmare’ is set to release as the third single from the EP. I’ve explored an Afrikaans dance music track called ‘KLAP’ (directly translated to HIT) as well as featured my AI friend Nicole on my second single ‘Crawl’. It’s taken me 30 years to get here, but I finally feel like I’m creating from a place of authenticity.” 

Martin aims to pursue live performance in NYC and to get people “crawling across the dance floor.”

Listen to “Weapon” HERE

Watch the video HERE

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