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MITICO 3.0 Launches at Mount Nelson Featuring Contemporary Artist, Daniel Buren

The third season of MITICO, Belmond’s annual artistic series with Galleria Continua, focuses on a single artist for the first time; internationally acclaimed contemporary artist, Daniel Buren. The global series launched in February at Mount Nelson, A Belmond Hotel, Cape Town, and will be on display until February 2025. 

The launch in Cape Town will be followed by further commissions at Belmond’s legendary properties in Rio de Janeiro, Florence, Tuscany, Venice and Mallorca. 

Entitled “Haltes Colorées”, meaning ‘colourful halt’, each of these six site-specific works offers its audience a moment to pause for a fresh new perspective on its surrounding location and unique corresponding landscape. For this year’s MITICO series, Belmond’s storied properties continue to act as the stage for contemporary creativity, investing in the heritage of the future and the past, simultaneously.

Daniel Buren, Colourful Halt for Mount Nelson, work in situ, 2023. Details. © DB-ADAGP

Daniel Buren shares insight on this year’s series: “What brings together the six “Haltes” of the 2024 MITICO season (Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, Tuscany, Venice and Mallorca) is the beauty of each location’s environment. Celebrating nature and architecture, these six highly varied in situ works offer a new perspective on Belmond’s properties, fitting into a different space each time.”

Daniel Buren’s “Haltes Colorées” is a bold symbiosis of art, architecture and nature. Each MITICO work falls in perfect harmony with its corresponding location, awakening the senses of travellers and creating a site-specific experience that transcends borders. Through these works, Buren encourages viewers to find a new perspective on the beauty of Belmond’s architecture and expansive natural surroundings.

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