24 Jun 2024 ///

Morena Leraba release their remix album ‘Fela Sa Ha Mojela’

With a psychedelic fusion of sounds, Morena Leraba is a musician and band from Lesotho. Released by The Good Times Co. Morena Leraba’s acclaimed EP “Fela sa Ha Mojela” gets a vibrant makeover with fresh remixes spanning a range of genres. Collaborating with artists, their aim is to expand their reach and build Morena Leraba’s fanbase. The deluxe edition combines the EP and remixes, featuring a cover design that seamlessly blends the original EP with the remixes. 

The recording artist and sound theorist Warrick Swinney (Sony), who doubles as a fictional music collective known as the Kalahari Surfers, brings beats and bass to his remix of “Ho Sama Sama”, the opening track on the 2023 release.

Listen to ‘Fela sa Ha Mojela’ Here

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Press release courtesy of Good Times Co.

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