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Discover the incomprehensible sounds hidden in the shadows of Cape Town, South Africa, with Aryu Jassika. A self-taught DJ and producer who believes that we can all create, produce, mix, and master music in all its forms. His sound is like nothing you will ever experience again; defined as the approximations of brooding Gqom and Techno strung through a continuum of intergenerational trauma. After years of cutting his teeth in the dance music scene, Aryu co-founded SWAK and began hosting and throwing parties from London to Berlin, with stacked lineups involving an assortment of artists hailing from all genres and corners of the globe. SWAK has always been a platform to showcase artists that truly represent the depth of the creative community while simultaneously providing a space for new and rising talent.

Aryu Jassika achieves musical depth by offering and nurturing spaces where everything can co-exist in electro while breaking down South African sounds and rebuilding them into music that has listeners asking, “What planet is this from?”

Listen to Aryu Jassika’s mix HERE

The exploration of music and club culture continues as NTS x Diesel TRACKS focuses on South Africa to showcase local emerging DJs. Rooted in the connectivity of music and nightlife, TRACKS brings together a mix of progressive musical talent from around the globe to promote the universal language of club culture, connection, and party, and now the spotlight is on South Africa to showcase local emerging DJs that fly the flag for SA’s distinctive music scene and nightlife culture. Every last Friday of the month, NTS x Diesel TRACKS SA will be championing local upcoming talents and allowing listeners to discover new sounds spanning GQOM, House, Amapiano, Techno, Club, Experimental, and Drum & Bass, just to name a few.

Diesel is an innovative international lifestyle company, founded by Renzo Rosso in 1978. Rooted in denim mastery and evolved into being a leader in premium fashion, Diesel is now a true alternative to the established luxury market. The brand’s collections include apparel, accessories and a wide range of lifestyle collaborations: from fragrances, watches and jewelry, to interior design and real estate projects with Diesel Living. Discovering, supporting, and fostering creativity is part of Diesel DNA and of its parenting company OTB, the international fashion and luxury group powering a variety of global iconic brands and companies. 

NTS is a global music platform and radio station, broadcasting from over fifty cities every month. It started as a DIY passion project in Hackney in 2011, with the aim of creating an alternative to stagnant mainstream radio. Since then, NTS has expanded with permanent studios in Los Angeles, Manchester, and Shanghai. The platform has over 600 resident hosts, composed of a mix of musicians, DJs, artists, and everything in between. Consistently championing the underground scene and a leading voice in alternative culture, over half the music played on NTS is available on Spotify or Apple Music. With a growing global audience of 2.8 million monthly listeners, NTS is broadcasting the best in underground music on a mass scale – completely free of charge and without on-air advertising.

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