5 Apr 2024 ///

Nyota Parker drops Album ‘Intrusive Thoughts’, A Sonic Journey Through the Mind’s Labyrinth

Nyota Parker, the enigmatic artist blending Hip Hop and Neo-soul, beckons listeners on a mesmerizing and reflective journey through her album, “INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS.” This eagerly awaited release breaks conventional barriers, offering a meticulously crafted collection of songs designed to delve deep into the tumultuous realms of the human psyche.

Embark on an unfiltered exploration of the tumultuous journey through the corridors of human thoughts. “INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS” fearlessly navigates the inner chaos that often dominates the mind, addressing intrusive thoughts head-on. Nyota Parker’s evocative lyrics and soulful melodies masterfully weave a tapestry of emotions, mental health struggles, artistic dilemmas, and self-discovery.

Features and Collaborations:
Nyota Parker’s album promises a sonic odyssey enriched by collaborations with a diverse array of artists and producers. Featuring notable artists Uno July, Deem Spencer, and Zmny, the album also boasts collaborative efforts with the skilled artist and producer, Proda, as well as the talented pianist, Mercer Shavelson. The project is further elevated by the contributions of beat producers Jazz Groupiez, Stoic, Origami, Roku Beats, Blutop, Yogic, Tumi Matlala, and Lord Keyyz. With engineering finesse provided by Jay Loopz, Mosez Jones, and Nyota Parker herself, the album represents a harmonious fusion of talents, promising an immersive and multifaceted musical experience.

Connect with Nyota Parker:
Instagram: @Nyotaparker
Spotify: Nyota Parker
Website: Nyotaparker.com


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