23 Feb 2024 ///

Project Gemini drops their latest single ‘Colours and Light’

Out via Mr Bongo, Project Gemini’s single ‘Colours and Light’ is the brainchild of producer and journalist Paul Osbourne. Think 60’s psychedelic meets 90’s baggy meets modern psyche funk/jazz with a cinematic overtone; as the first release from their album, also titled ‘Colours and Light’, due to be released in April 2024. 

Paul’s reverberating vocal refrains draw you in from the get-go, with the cauldron of folk-flavoured guitar, earthy bass and ethereal organs providing a ritual of resonance. Jack Sharp of Wolf People/Large Plants fame stands front and centre, leaning into that rock-tinged feeling with an expertly constructed guitar solo. Creating the breakbeat foundation, Sababa 5 drummer Raz Man and percussionist Paul Elliott from Eleven 76/Call Sender work in unison to conjure up a captivating groove. 

‘Colours & Light’ gives an alluring insight into what’s to come on this much-anticipated follow-up LP. Moving deftly between light and shade, through folk, psych and hazy funk, whilst being artfully enveloped in Paul’s signature cinematic style.

If 2022’s ‘The Children Of Scorpio’ was the debut album that turned people on to the world of Project Gemini, sophomore LP ‘Colours & Light’ is the body of work that will be buried deep into their hearts. It is a majestic album, bringing together the worlds of folk rock, psych soundtracks and hazy funk.

Listen to ‘Colours And Light’ HERE

Press release courtesy of Only Good Stuff

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