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Sakawa Boys Release their second album ‘Out of the Dark’

The second album from Cape Town’s Sakawa Boys has been released. Titled Out of the Dark, the album follows a trio of singles released in April and May that have earned the four-piece praise (Texx and the City referred to the album’s title track as a “triumphant return”) and returned one of South Africa’s much-loved acts to centrestage. These singles include “Brain Fog”, a track captures the essence of the modern experience of perpetual distraction and overstimulation, and “Out of the Dark” which co-songwriter John Seth describes as a song about “finding a way out of the dark and over-analysing things”. Both tracks are featured on the eight track album.

“The journey from conceiving these ideas, working them into finished songs, and finally assembling a cohesive record has been a long one,” says the band of the set of songs on their new album. “A whole lot happened in between and, as time passed it wasn’t always certain whether or not this record would see a release.

“It could sometimes be months between working on individual songs, but each time we came back to the recordings, we felt there was something worth working on and, ultimately, worth sharing with the world.”

Sakawa Boys comprises John Seth (vocals and guitar), Peter Scott (drums), Skye MacInnes (guitar) and Keenan Oakes (bass).


Listen to “Out of the Dark” Here

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