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Swedish band Dina Ögon release their latest album, titled ‘Orion’

The third installment from Dina Ögon, titled ‘Orion,’ marks a captivating progression for the band that emerged unexpectedly onto the Swedish music scene two years ago. Successfully encapsulating the essence of their self-titled debut and sophomore effort, ‘Oas,’ Dina Ögon maintains their playful spirit while venturing into new sonic territories. Unlike their earlier albums, which were steeped in nostalgic reinterpretations of old music, ‘Orion’ presents a modern soundscape, although the band playfully nods to their musical influences.

In ‘Orion,’ Dina Ögon directs their gaze more towards the heavens than the earth, crafting a celestial atmosphere that is both contemporary and nostalgic. Tracks like ‘Håll avstånd’ and ‘Glitter’ exude a laid back sound reminiscent of space, while the rhythm on ‘Milton’ grounds itself in Brazilian soul, delivering a beautiful, melancholic, and joyful fusion. ‘Det läcker’ unfolds like a cinematic road movie, stretching over four minutes of captivating storytelling.

The album showcases a newfound confidence, a testament to the band’s artistic strength. Progressing through different moods, ‘Orion’ maintains a coherent expression, exploring darker subject matter without sacrificing playful lyricism. The title track evokes a curious and joyful forest walk, while the opening track sets a bittersweet tone for the entire journey. The relentless groove on ‘Håll avstånd’ promises to become a staple on adventurous DJ mixtapes.

As with their previous albums, ‘Orion’ presents a challenge for radio DJs, as there are no weak tracks to be found. Each song could be promoted with confidence, from the electric organ-infused ‘Firad’ to the cinematic qualities of the title track. ‘Orion’ effortlessly navigates between urban and rural landscapes, expansive horizons, and vibrant club scenes, ensuring its place on dance floors and airwaves alike.

The album seamlessly weaves together Anna Ahnlund’s suave vocals and the band’s tight musicianship, creating a world that beckons listeners to escape their everyday lives. With ‘Orion,’ Dina Ögon showcases an impressive ability to meld disparate musical influences into an original and cohesive expression, solidifying their artistic alchemy.

Listen to ‘Orion’ HERE

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