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Thebe Magugu announces flagship space ‘Magugu House’ – a first of its kind archival, fashion space

Forever at the forefront of historical and cultural innovation in South Africa’s fashion landscape, Thebe Magugu has announced the opening of ‘Magugu House’ in Dunkeld, Johannesburg. Venturing beyond the flagship retail store concept, Magugu House will instead serve as a physical archive of the house’s pioneering collections, and Thebe’s intricate research and design process. The site will host events, panel discussions, serve as a showroom, with two intimate art galleries and eventually – a niche cafe will join Magugu House in the garden. 

“I have always loved the idea of pouring all my collections, installations, events & projects into one space, and Magugu House becomes exactly that – an institution solidifying our universe. I started Thebe Magugu as an afro-encyclopaedic look at key histories and heritage from the continent; with collections named after university subjects as a closer study. In that regard, Magugu House becomes the first campus” noted Thebe in the IG announcement.

Magugu House photographed by Blake Woodhams

Announced by WWD, the store location was scouted to be in proximity to Joburg’s wealthiest, though the multiplicity of the space is intended to serve everyone, with Thebe noting that “I love the idea that yes, the space is for my clientele, but say students, or someone who can’t necessarily afford to get the main collection, can catch a panel discussion by their favourite artist here at the studios.” Additionally, the article makes mention of some speculation that has surrounded Thebe – namely, that there is a view to take on a creative director role at a fashion house overseas. Though there have been offers, none have allowed him to continue with his own label.  

With the recent release of Magugu’s collection Heritage III : Lobola Negotiations, the label continues to ascend to even greater heights as a luxury fashion house that expresses the depth of South Africa’s cultural contexts. In everything he does, Thebe Magugu remains a revolutionary and visionary – demonstrating the possibilities for a full bloom of Africa’s fashion future.

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