16 Feb 2024 ///

Tomasz Guiddo and Jimi Tenor release their track, ‘Where The Wild Roam’

A wonderful song with a heartwarming hook, ‘Where The Wild Roam’ shows Jimi Tenor and Tomasz Guiddo at their best.

Tomasz Guiddo, a regular on Compost Records, is celebrated for his diverse musical expressions across labels such as Beats In Space, Luv Shack, Get Physical, KID, and even Ostgut Ton (Manhooker), covering genres from jazz to deep house and disco, and Jimi Tenor, the revered Finnish maestro, a genius composer described as a mixture of Gil Evans, Jimi Hendrix, and Fela Kuti, seamlessly melds their talents, crafting a sonic experience that transcends traditional genres.

Tomasz Guiddo by KEYI Studio

Jimi Tenor

The full EP will be out Feb 23rd on 12″ vinyl, presented with three delightful feel-good remixes by Erobique, Freestyle Man (aka Sasse) and Ale Castro, plus second original track ‘Smile’ featuring Austrian crooner Louie Austen. 

Listen to ‘Where The Wild Roam’ HERE

Press release courtesy of Only Good Stuff

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