8 Mar 2024 ///

Transatlantic Duo Will Brock and Sumsuch present ‘Free Born Man’, with a remix from Deep House hero, Vincenzo

Written during a summer visit to the English seaside, transatlantic duo Will Brock and Sumsuch present languid, soulful gem ‘Free Born Man’, with a spine-tingling remix from Deep House hero, Vincenzo.

Warm analogue synth bass and lush keys introduce ‘Free Born Man’, the perfect foil for Brock’s vulnerable and raw vocal performance. This track details personal struggles with mental health and reminds us that we have choices even in the midst of the fog. It represents a new level of maturity in the pair’s musical journey.

To celebrate Colour and Pitch‘s 10th anniversary, the duo treated themselves to a remix by an all-time production hero, the incomparable Vincenzo. His version reimagines ‘Free Born Man’ as a timeless Balearic cut, with a hypnotic guitar riff which brilliantly reflects the perfect seaside sunset.

Philadelphia soul artist Will Brock and UK producer Sumsuch have been making music together since 2014, releasing two successful albums on iconic UK label BBE Music under their alias ‘Mega Jawns’.

Cover image by Zoe Childerly.

Listen to ‘Free Born Man’ HERE

Press release courtesy of Only Good Stuff

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