Our agency is uniquely positioned to implement a variety of services including branded partnerships, integrated campaigns, social media and digital marketing, strategy, design, creative direction and branding.

We take clients from ideation to execution and utilise our unique media ecosystem to amplify these services when needed.




We derive unique stories and insight into the formidable minds of South Africa’s creatives through in-depth and considered interviews. These run alongside pop culture features, coverage of events, exhibitions, fashion, news, music and cultural movements occurring across the country. 

Our nostalgia and reverence for the written word are expertly matched with compelling visuals, offering our audience an exceptionally curated digital media experience unlike any other in South Africa.


We identify and define the goals and measurable objectives that your brand requires to succeed in the current market. We formulate communication and creative concepts alongside strategic methods and research to differentiate you from competitors, build brand awareness, foster sales, drive business growth and ultimately contribute to the company’s overall success. 


Our paid partnership offering focuses on our ability to build innovative stories and campaigns for brands, collectives and individuals. We use storytelling as a lead for authentically conveying selling points and strategically amplify this through our media ecosystem.

We work closely with partners to interpret and package pre-existing assets through syndicated content. Alternatively, we can offer our unique creative direction for the production of campaigns and content marketing using our sought-after storytelling and visual viewpoint which focuses on innovation and “newness” through the lens of popular culture. We are the bridge between our audiences and branded partners; widening the potential scope for a consumer base that embodies edge and an affinity for newness. Our readers and audience value our credibility in conveying authenticity.


Our team of experienced copywriters service a variety of written needs. This includes brand communication, engaging blogs, press releases, catalogue text and all other professional and creative-writing needs.


We are experts in facilitating and creating a cohesive visual identity for your brand across a variety of key mediums and elements. Ensuring that your brand story and visual language are consistently and memorably presented to target audiences. These services range from a full CI, to brand refreshes or design for social media assets.


We harness the power of digital advertising on social media channels as well as Google. Driving website traffic and increasing conversions through targeted advertising and SEO (search engine optimisation) to ensure your brand stays ahead of competitors.


We transform business objectives, visual assets and communication plans into developed digital marketing & social media strategies that enable your brand to share its story online, gain brand awareness & drive your desired ROI. We offer both a fully managed service and once-off social media strategies.


An independent media space & integrated agency capturing the zeitgeist of South Africa’s creative arts community. Covering news, music, fashion, art, culture and creativity. 

We are committed to analysing, curating, and proliferating stories of youth culture & creativity; this is essential in harnessing the explosive potential of South African brands, creatives and wayshowers.

We focus on innovation and selling newness through our curatorial lens of popular culture and storytelling. We believe that independent media is critical for containing and creating impactful content as it happens. 

With the integration of our media publication and digital agency, we offer a uniquely positioned set of skills and services that effectively capture the markets’ shifting landscape and allow us to amplify campaigns, editorials and co-branded content through our media eco-system. Contact us for media submissions, advertising and sponsored article content and head to our agency page to find out more about our services. 


The world exists in a constant state of flow. A sunset gust in Acapulco becomes a summer tide in Tahiti.

Information flies across the world untethered, but it can be directed, curated and injected with positive energy. Everything is connected, yet sometimes we can only see that looking backwards towards the past.

What if we could connect things yet to come through vision and foresight?

Through understanding the shifts that created the challenges and recognising the best way to change them requires our technique, intuition and vast experience.

We exist for our community, businesses and brands to thrive by always connecting everything forwards; into the future and beyond.

CEC – a producer, an orchestrator and a multiplier: Bringing value to your brands, business and our community where it matters most…

By Connecting Everything Clearly.

We are culture. We are Connect Everything Collective.