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Merchants on Long x Unknwnprojcts launch a collection of upcycled coats and kimonos

Known as the home of African fashion and design, Merchants on Long, champion sustainability in a bespoke, one-of-a-kind upcycled collection. 

In collaboration with designer Sash Cebekhulu of Unknwn Projcts – this is an experimental research project that explores design centred around sustainability, a limited edition collection made from already existing designer pieces. 

Part of the core of Merchants on Long as a brand, is showcasing African designers whose work celebrates the spirit of slow fashion and cultural celebration. The Unknwn Projcts x Merchants on Long  upcycled capsule collection of kimonos and coats is the culmination of these principles. 

“We thought it would be great to explore a collection that reimagined deadstock, giving new life to African design fashion pieces that were of great quality, fabric and colour but had aged due to retail having paused over the covid period. When we began thinking about this upcycled capsule collection, Unknwn Projcts was a natural choice to collaborate with,” says Jeanine Benjamin, Merchants on Long COO.

Photography by Dicker and Dane

The collaborators worked together on a unisex approach of kimonos and coats that would be wearable, with flexible sizing, the collection is versatile, inclusive and unique – a colourful selection of 10 kimonos and coats inspired by the Martin Letholo Coat that Unknwn Projcts had created previously are all designed with the same pattern and are one-of-a-kind, made from different textures and cuts of material. The pieces, crafted with meticulous skill and demonstrating Sash’s classical training, reflect the collective’s deeply conceptual approach and intrinsic sense of resourcefulness. 

“Upcycling aligns with the Merchants on Long ethos of supporting and raising awareness of designers across Africa working within a vast range of products, design disciplines and methods. Importantly, it also speaks to our commitment to slow fashion and the promotion of environmental protection by emphasising the longevity and value of garments – we encourage consumers to cherish their clothing for a lifetime,” says Summendra Chetty, buyer at Merchants on Long.

Photography by Dicker and Dane

A fitting complement to Merchants on Long’s existing ranges, Sash Cebekhulu’s collection can also be found in the boutique.

Creative Direction: Dicker and Dane 

Photography: Armand Dicker

Styling: Anthony Dane


Press release courtesy of Narrative PR

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